Here at apt-get ops, I strive to provide the latest and greatest news, personal stories of failure, explain something you've never even put thought into - I want to make this blog home to some of the best content curated and written by yours truly!

I have some series I wanted to list out here, which you can view and see what you like or didn't like, and subscribe to one or all of the series I publish here at apt-get ops.

List of current series are:

  • Logging and Monitoring: What You Need to Know
  • Tech News Roundup
    • This is where I talk about my favorite news stories of the week and suggest other articles to dig into.
  • Ops Horror Stories
    • One of my favorites. This is where I share all the horrible things I have had take my place in my career in techops. Prepare the flame train. (I would love to have guests write these sometimes, so shoot me a pitch about your Ops Horror story by emailing me at!
  • Techplantation
    • Think about all the tiny things that run our lives. From transiters to hard drive controllers and ARM processors. All this and more will be written up about and explained so you can grasp the content.