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A while back, I wanted to host a blog that allowed me to bring the content I find the most useful but also very interesting new concepts and methods of performing tasks in newer, more efficient ways.

Enter Apt-Get Ops

The blog will publish one or more of the article types on a weekly basis:

Weekly Roundups - Latest and Greatest Tech Content Written by Me, or Multiple Cool Links I Read Up on Over the Week and Want to Share with Y’all.

Custom Content / Editorials - Sometimes I want to share my personal thoughts and outlooks on one or more topics I thought about the week before.

New Hot Software/Automation - Sometimes I will focus on a specific Github repo that allows for a new and very interesting way of doing something I have done in previous or current jobs. Work smarter, not harder.

Whatever Else I Want, Because, I can. - There will be a week here and there when I do not have something and I will just pick a few things to rant about, or share some cool links.

Smart Operations - From time to time, I will write about how you can really streamline operations and I will explain what I did and how well it worked. Also, if you have a good story you want to share, I always love to hear about content others want to post - email me at aptgetops@substack.com and I will let you know if your idea is a good fit for the blog.

Join the NOC Crew

Be part of a community of people who work in the industry, just like you. If you don’t work in Tech today, join and learn. This material is to make people more valuable since they will learn more and have more skills than the next person in the stack of resumes.

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Blog SLA Report

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I want to make my ops for the blog public in the spirit of open source. To peek at the blog's performance for the day/week/month. I want to share my own ops with you, the reader, so hopefully I can show you a thing or two you can use to level up your own job performance.